Spending On A Budget

Spending on a Budget

Student discount's make​ the loans we are drowning in a little sweeter. Here is my running list of stores that offer student discounts as well as my favorite coupon sites for online shopping.

Ways to Do: Donate

  Action speaks louder than words. I said I wanted to have a louder voice this year but I was overwhelmed with where to start. So, my first step is donating to charities and foundations I believe in. At first, I ruled this out because splurging for me means going to Starbucks. What's the point …

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New Year, Louder Voice

Growing up I was always told never to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. Where is the line is drawn on the internet? There is a freedom in typing things that normally would have made me uncomfortable to say aloud. To make things straightforward and honest, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I …

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