Spring 2017 Wishlist

Finally. After months of bleak landscapes, frigid air, and booties covered in salt, winter is over. Spring is my favorite season because it is a fresh start. The birds start chirping again, trees and flowers bloom, and of course, I get to wear bright colors and bold prints. While some people prefer fall fashion as …

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Spending On A Budget

Spending on a Budget

Student discount's make​ the loans we are drowning in a little sweeter. Here is my running list of stores that offer student discounts as well as my favorite coupon sites for online shopping.

Lookin’ Good And Doin’ Good- Warby Parker

Everyone at one point has shopper's remorse. It’s a very common "Debby Downer" that is only cured by reassurance from a friend. To prevent the question is it worth it, buy something that has a bonus deal. There are so many fabulous companies that give back. Which makes it even better when products are super cute and super affordable! One great …

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