Books Are Your Friends

In a time when technology is at the point of suffocation, books appear to be a novelty and something from the past. I will admit that I fell victim to the 21st century. I loved my Kindle and had used iBooks on my iPad and iPhone. Over winter break I picked up a book and …

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Why I Love the Met

  As a college student, I am always looking for cheap ways to spend my afternoons. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is by far my favorite. It's cheap (donation-based entry fee- AKA you can donate a dollar) and versatile. While I know art is not for everyone, the vast assortment of exhibits that the Met …

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Let’s Brunch

While my first love will always be fashion, food comes in a very close second. Breakfast food, in particular, holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up my dad and I drove around New England testing out as many diners as possible in a relatively small radius. Now that I'm living in New …

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