Sunday Sounds: Week 5

The Lumineers have been a long time favorite for me. While this song does not make you want to get up and dance, sometimes you just need a song that calms you down and blankets you in the "feels". Here is Angela by The Lumineers.

Sunday Sounds: Week 4

I'm switching things up this week. The anticipation for this song is almost unbearable it's so good. The second the song hits its climax you just want to jump up, dance and sing. Or at least I do. If you are in the mood for a classic- This is Try a Little Tenderness by Otis …

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Sunday Sounds: Week 3

I was sitting in the kitchen of my dorm room when I first heard this song. My friend who has his own radio show was playing some music. At the time I had headphones in but I can remember being so captivated by the sound that I had to stop what I was doing. Roger's …

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Tunes on a Tuesday: Week 2

So I am a big fan of Beyoncé. This song I think really highlights how versatile she is as an artist. Many people think of Beyonce and "Single Ladies" pops into their mind. Although it's such a jam, she is so much more than a catchy song. This is "Runnin'" by Naughty Boy featuring Beyoncé. …

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Tunes on a Tuesday

  Ok. I know. This blog is kind of going all over the place. I had wanted this to be a blog about fashion on a budget but I have realized I have too many passions and instead of posting things on this blog I began to avoid it thinking they didn't fit the mold …

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