Ways to Do: Donate


Action speaks louder than words. I said I wanted to have a louder voice this year but I was overwhelmed with where to start.

So, my first step is donating to charities and foundations I believe in. At first, I ruled this out because splurging for me means going to Starbucks. What’s the point if I can’t donate $50+ or more?

In the end, I decided whatever I could give would be better than nothing. While my contributions to select charities today is only five bucks, the goal is that my donation quantity will only continue to grow.

By now you may or may not be asking yourself, what’s the point of donating to these charities and what do they do with my money? Do your research. Make sure you are giving to charities where they are actually being accountable for the money that you are donating to them. Some charities are more philanthropic and transparent than others.

The importance of giving to non-profits is so they can continue to grow and to continue to defend things that are important to you. The more funds they have, realistically, the more they are capable of accomplishing. By donating, you are making important foundation’s voice’s louder.

I did some research of my own and found some organizations and charities that I have donated to and those that I plan to give to (once my own personal funds grow again). While I suggest to do your own research and find charities and organizations you are passionate about, hopefully, some of these charities you can connect with or be good stepping stones.

  1. Malala Fund: Works to help girls get an education around the world
  2. American Civil Liberties Union: Protects the rights of everyone in America
  3. Human Rights Campaign: Defends rights for LGBTQ+ people
  4. Planned Parenthood: Defends women’s health rights
  5. Black Lives Matter: Defends the rights and respect of Black people
  6. Democracy Now!: Independent media
  7. Save the Children: Protects children in crisis countries as well as developing countries
  8. International Rescue Committee: Respond’s to emergency situation and helps men, women, and children
  9. World Wildlife Fund: Protects animals
  10. Environmental Defense Fund: Works to create solutions for environmental problems


Also, Charity Navigator helped me sort out which organizations and funds were legitimate in their intentions of donations as well as transparency.

One thought on “Ways to Do: Donate

  1. Paulette Elizabeth Monaco

    Nice choices, Sammy. Charities are thrilled to receive any amount of money. Way to go!. Here are a few of my favorites (all researched, of course):
    World Vision
    Save Venice (restores art)
    North Shore Animal League (largest no-kill animal rescue org)

    Keep up the good work!

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