Why I Love the Met


Outside the Met- Uptown On A Budget

As a college student, I am always looking for cheap ways to spend my afternoons. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is by far my favorite.

It’s cheap (donation-based entry fee- AKA you can donate a dollar) and versatile. While I know art is not for everyone, the vast assortment of exhibits that the Met has should appeal to all types of personalities.

Inside The Met- Uptown On A Budget
Always transfixed by Madam X

I have always loved museums, and I was lucky enough to grow up 15 minutes from the RISD museum. That being said the MET is unlike any art museum I have been to. It’s magic stems from its enormous size in NYC. It is the best way to escape the noise of the city, although not always the people (I suggest strategizing and going a day when it is not as crowded).  10/10 would highly recommend

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