How Cruel Are You?


How Cruel Are You?- Uptown On A BudgetLast year I was scrolling through Twitter, and I stumbled upon a simple retweet of an article. The report emphasized the unfair treatment thousands of animals have to go through due to big, name brand makeup companies. While I knew in the corner of my mind this type of thing exists, I never actually processed what was happening.

I decided that I would start buying cruelty-free. At first, it started with just my makeup, I did some online research, finished up my old makeup products and became a more educated consumer. My success with the results from going cruelty-free for my face broadened into every aspect of my daily life.

Once going to college I started to find shampoos, face washes and even shower cleaners that were not tested on animals. In the same breadth, these products were often all- natural or organic. Often these companies, if researched, were also conscientious businesses that were doing their part to give back to communities, environments, etc.

Yes, I know this is a blog for the typical college student relying on ramen noodles, but this was an investment that I found was worth giving up some Dunkin’ or Chipotle trips for. Growing up means noticing how you have an impact on society. Are you going to leave this world better than when you got here? While this may seem like a trivial way to do your part, for me, this was the easiest step in my process of becoming a more well-rounded human being.

Below are some links that have helped me in the process of going cruelty-free, if this is something that interests you here are some jumping off points.

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