Lookin’ Good And Doin’ Good- Warby Parker

Lookin’ Good And Doin’ Good- Uptown On A BudgetEveryone at one point has shopper’s remorse. It’s a very common “Debby Downer” that is only cured by reassurance from a friend. To prevent the question is it worth it, buy something that has a bonus deal. There are so many fabulous companies that give back. Which makes it even better when products are super cute and super affordable!

One great brand is Warby Parker. They are primarily an online eyewear company. Their designs are amazing, the online staff is extremely helpful, and they may have locations near you! If you’re afraid to buy glasses online, no need to fear. Warby Parker lets you choose five mock-up pairs at a time to and sends them to your house for a free trial! You select the ones that you want, send the test pairs back, and they fill your prescription. The best part is their frames start at $95. If you currently own glasses, you understand that is an insane bargain. So all this information benefits you, but I’m sure you’re wondering how does this benefit others.

Well, the incredible people at Warby have a policy that you “Buy a pair, give a pair.” Every month they account for how many glasses are purchased and donate money to a nonprofit equivalent to the number of glasses they sold. Also, in developing countries, men and women are being trained to provide eye exams and offer glasses at significantly reduced prices. This policy builds pride and creates a sense of financial independence by allowing people to purchase the glasses that they need at exceptional prices.

Doesn’t it feel good to do good?

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