Spring 2017 Wishlist

Finally. After months of bleak landscapes, frigid air, and booties covered in salt, winter is over. Spring is my favorite season because it is a fresh start. The birds start chirping again, trees and flowers bloom, and of course, I get to wear bright colors and bold prints. While some people prefer fall fashion as …

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Spending On A Budget

Spending on a Budget

Student discount's make​ the loans we are drowning in a little sweeter. Here is my running list of stores that offer student discounts as well as my favorite coupon sites for online shopping.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In my economics class, we have been discussing the concept of “Dollar Votes.” This theory means we have control as consumers on how businesses survive or thrive. If consumers start buying less of a product, the price may lower. Contrasting this, if consumers were to buy more of a product a company would get stronger …

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Books Are Your Friends

In a time when technology is at the point of suffocation, books appear to be a novelty and something from the past. I will admit that I fell victim to the 21st century. I loved my Kindle and had used iBooks on my iPad and iPhone. Over winter break I picked up a book and …

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Sunday Sounds: Week 5

The Lumineers have been a long time favorite for me. While this song does not make you want to get up and dance, sometimes you just need a song that calms you down and blankets you in the "feels". Here is Angela by The Lumineers. https://youtu.be/_II0fc7hgNY

Ways to Do: Donate

  Action speaks louder than words. I said I wanted to have a louder voice this year but I was overwhelmed with where to start. So, my first step is donating to charities and foundations I believe in. At first, I ruled this out because splurging for me means going to Starbucks. What's the point …

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Sunday Sounds: Week 4

I'm switching things up this week. The anticipation for this song is almost unbearable it's so good. The second the song hits its climax you just want to jump up, dance and sing. Or at least I do. If you are in the mood for a classic- This is Try a Little Tenderness by Otis …

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Why I Love the Met

  As a college student, I am always looking for cheap ways to spend my afternoons. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is by far my favorite. It's cheap (donation-based entry fee- AKA you can donate a dollar) and versatile. While I know art is not for everyone, the vast assortment of exhibits that the Met …

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Sunday Sounds: Week 3

I was sitting in the kitchen of my dorm room when I first heard this song. My friend who has his own radio show was playing some music. At the time I had headphones in but I can remember being so captivated by the sound that I had to stop what I was doing. Roger's …

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New Year, Louder Voice

Growing up I was always told never to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. Where is the line is drawn on the internet? There is a freedom in typing things that normally would have made me uncomfortable to say aloud. To make things straightforward and honest, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I …

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